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The 1959 Nardi of Jan Brundage, Winter Park, FL

Chassis Number: The Nardi

Photo by Jan Brundage

The 1962 Formcar of Thomas Monti, Wellsley, MA

Chassis Number: 62-02

Photo by Ed Hyman

The 1962 Formcar of Terry Heffron, St. Charles, IL

Chassis Number: 62-09

Photo by Jeff Inglebrightson.

The 1963 Formcar of Mike Speidel, Richfield, MN

Chassis Number: 63-Unknown

Photo by Dan Imming.

The 1963 Formcar of Beau Gabel, Chuluota, FL

Chassis Number: 63-119

Photo by Beau Gabel.

The 1963 Formcar of Danny Neuhaus, Dubuque, IA

Chassis Number: 63-20

Photo by Dan Imming.


The 1963 Formcar of Marion Hyler Craft, Jacksonville, FL

Chassis Number:


Photo by Dan Imming.

The 1963 Formcar of Doug Seaton, Burghill, OH

Chassis Number: 63-55

Photo by Doug Seaton.

The 1963 Formcar of Cragg Eubanks, Wichita Falls, TX

Chassis Number: 63-86

Photo by Brian Goldman.

The 1963 Formcar of Harvey Bennett, Amagansett, NY

Chassis Number: 63-98

Photo by Harvey Bennett.

The 1963 Formcar of Jim Yule, Fort Worth, TX

Chassis Number: 63-129

The 1963 Formcar of Bob Cornish, Sun Valley, NV

Chassis Number: 63-Unknown

Photo by Dan Imming

The 1963 Formcar of Jon Wong, Los Angeles, CA

Chassis Number: 63-DEN 01

Photo by Dan Imming.

The 1963 Formcar of John Harkness, Bellville, OH

Chassis Number: 63-DEN 04

Photo by Dan Imming.

Restored and updated

The 1963 Formcar of Paul Jany

Chassis Number: 63-DEN-11

The 1963 Formcar of Michael Riggins, Seattle, Washington

Chassis Number: 63-DEN-25

Restored and updated

The 1963 Formcar of Jim Jard, Houston, TX

Chassis Number 63-DEN-37

Previously owned by John Wilson, then Fred Storer

The 1963 Formcar of Butch Deer, Streamwood, IL

Chassis Number: 63-17

Photo by Dan Imming

The 1963 Formcar of Thomas Wanner, Lancaster, PA

Chassis Number: 63-57

Now part of  the Lanscaster Collection

The 1964 Formcar of Kimberly A. Wanker, Las Vegas, NV

Chassis Number: 64-149

Photo by Don Towers.

The 1964 Formcar of Tobias AICHELE Germany

Chassis Number: 64-172

Photo by Frithjof Erpelding.

The 1964 Formcar of Nelson Guthrie, Chesapeake, Virginia

Chassis Number: 64-Unknown

Photo by Bob Van Dyke.

The 1964 Formcar of William C. Wells, Chula Vista, CA

Chassis Number: 64-48

Photo by William C. Wells

The 1965 Formcar of Gert-Paul van't Hoff, Belgium
(previous owner Mark Waring (UK), then Johan-Frank DIRICKX(Belgium))

Chassis Number: 65-185

Photo by Robert Woudhuisen

The 1965 Formcar of Charley Wilson of West Palm Beach, FL

Chassis Number: 65-unknown

Photo by Sandy Jackson

The 1965 Formcar of Bill Simer, Spokane, WA

Chassis Number: 365-220

Photo by William A. Simer.

The 1965 Formcar of David Johnson, Holland, MI

Chassis Number: 365-238

Photo by Don Towers

The 1965 Formcar of Herb & Sandy Taylor, Helmsburg, IN

Chassis Number: 365-244

Photo by Dan Imming.

The 1965 Formcar of Beau Gabel, Chuluota, FL

Chassis Number: 365-248

Photo by Dan Imming.

The 1965 Formcar of Bill Keller, Cranbury, NJ

Chassis Number: 365-Unknown

Photo by Bill Keller.

The 1965 Formcar of Greg McCombie, Sans Souci, NSW, Australia

Chassis Number: 65 - Unknown

Photo by Greg McCombie.

The 1965 Formcar of Stiftung VW Museum, Wolfsburg, Germany

Chassis Number: 65-Unknown

Photo by Heikki Syrjamaki.

The 1965 Formcar of Be Uiterwijk Winkel, Drenthe, Holland

Chassis Number: 65-198

Photo by Robert Woudhuizen.


The Solo Formcar of Ed Logan.

Boone, Iowa

Chassis Number & Year: Unknown


Allen Ward
at Pocono Aug,2012

Chassis #63-136

Photo by Ed Hyman


Eric Logan
at LRP

Chassis Number 64-153

Photo by Ed Hyman

 at Oran Park?

The Formcar of John Holmes, Toowoomba, Australia

Chassis Number: 63 - 109










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