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#64-172, previously owned by the Prototype Museum in Hamburg Germany,

Repainted from Yellow to original White by the last owner.

This car is supposed to be the famous number 7 tested by H. von HANSTEIN himself and raced by Rolf LIEB.

von HANSTEIN at the wheel - Weissach (Stuttgart area)

Rolf LEIB at speed in 64-172 at Solitude GP, 1965
On Display at Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany, 2010

Center Stage for #64-172 at the 50th Anniversary

Heinz Fuchs with Heinz Willibald and Roland Müller
Fuchs worked for Porsche and created a great Super Vee facing Kaimann ones
The complete story is reported (in German) HERE.

Translation :

With the VW Beetle-based technology formula V-seater mid-sixties was the dream of affordable racing car for everyone reality on the initiative of the sports car manufacturer Porsche. Heinz Fuchs from Rutesheim belonged to the formula V Race Car farmers of the first hour.
February 16, 1962 to April 9, 1965 Heinz Fuchs worked as Karosserieflaschner ['panel beater' .. presumably meaning 'body man'?] at Porsche in the test department and remained in the company for many years afterwards as a supplier of specialty parts - including for the TAG Formula 1 motor - get.
When the small-seaters in 1965 came from the USA to Germany, the company Heinz fox racing car belonged (founded on April 7, 1965) Germany's most successful providers of small Renner; of 1971 made the gifted mechanic also vehicles for the much more complex class SV formula with 1.6-liter engines. His first Vau brought the Schwabe in May 1965 to Eberbach racing uphill. There were until then only the assembled at Porsche cars at the start, namely five so-called form of cars and five Beach Cars - and so it stayed this weekend, as Heinz Fuchs could not produce the necessary papers. A first test of strength between the racers coming from America and the much more delicate fox-seater there were only four weeks later at the Norisring.
The rivals of the time, namely, the last remaining Formcar of the Porsche manufacture and the first built fox-Formula Vee form the core of the special exhibition "History and Stories of Formula Vee", which the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim on November 14, 2009 displays to 12 February 2010. A total of ten selected race cars represent an interesting cross section of this racing series, in which a number of Formula 1 drivers such as Niki Lauda, ​​Jochen Rindt, Jacky Ickx, Jochen Maas Harald Ertl and the foundation laid for their motorsport career.

Its origin was the "Formula Vee" (Formula V) in the U.S., where in 1963 ambitious hobbyists with the support of Volkswagen of America, the first single-seaters installed and running. Their recipe for success was as simple as inexpensive: you take the engine, transmission, differential, front axle, steering VW Beetle, build everything in a simple tubular frame and Stülpe on the whole a lightweight plastic body.

The end of 1964, the then Porsche racing director Huschke von Hanstein imported ten kits of Formula V race car "Beach" and "Formcar" to Germany. A short time later, the formula V-mania began to rage in Europe. In addition to Heinz Fuchs in Rutesheim in Stuttgart built the Munich VW wholesalers Mahag the "Olympic". In Austria Salzburg Porsche designed the "Austro Vau" and the Vienna Opel dealer Kurt Bergmann the "Kaimann" while were mounted in Belgium in American license "Apa" and "Auto Dynamics".

The memory of the legendary racing series in the sixties and seventies today holds the union "Historic Formula V Europe eV" alive, which also provides the vehicles for the special exhibition at the Sinsheim museum. However, the formula V also lives on through the stories and memories of their witnesses. And the exhibition opening his former mechanic Heinz Willibald and his former works driver Roland Müller came alongside Heinz Fuchs (in the bucket seat) (left of the bucket seat). In the scheduled matinee of the club on 10 January 2010, additional legends are expected. And all remember the former formula V Motto: Live wild and dangerous!




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