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We are in the process of restoring our lost information archives.  If you have copies of the missing articles (printed in black), better digital copies of ones we have, or other articles that should be included here, send them to us.  Digital files are welcome, but we can also scan original printed articles and will return them promptly.  As you'll see, scans of photocopies are not optimal reproductions.


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bullet1963 Formcar Formula Vee Assembly Manual
provided courtesy of John Harkness and Charles Wilson
bulletMay 1964 Formcar Advertisement from Sports Car Magazine
from the Volkswagen handbook by the editors of Hot Rod Magazine, 1963
bullet"Numero Uno" The father of the Formcar
by Tim Suddard, Grassroots Motorsports, September 1999
bullet 1963 Formcar Sales Brochure
bullet 1993 SportsCar Mag Formcar Article
bulletApril 1964 Foreign Car Guide Magazine: 1963 Nassau Photos
bulletJune 1961 Today's Motor Sports Magazine
bulletJune 1965 Auto Topics Magazine,
bulletMay 1963 Car and Driver Magazine Article
bulletNardi at 1963 Daytona Races
bulletDecember 1963 Foreign Car Guide Track Test
bullet1963 VW Handbook (Grand Prix Racing on a VW-Based Budget)
bulletNovember 1963 Foreign Car Guide FV Introduction
bulletNovember 1963 Foreign Car Guide Formula Vee at Watkins Glen
bulletJune 1961 Today's Motor Sports Magazine




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