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Jim Yule announces that he still has the molds if anyone needs body parts.   jimyule@yahoo.com or JimYule@compuserve.com
Phone:  817-798-9853

Can you help us out?  Where are THESE Formcars?



I have been looking for my old FormCar.  I can’t remember the VIN #, but it did have 6s & 8s in it.  As I recall, it was a 1963, I think.  I sold it to someone in NY about 22-28 years ago.  It was a bright blue (called Tuna Blue) at the time and had non-VW rims on it.  I think the fronts were 13” Corvair rims as we were using it for hill climbs and auto-X.  There was also a yellow bumper sticker for a church on each side. 

The other thing I remember is that we had the roll bar extended higher to cover my 6’-5” friend’s helmet.  It had a small loop welded to the original hoop.  They wouldn’t let us run at the Mt. Ascutney, VT, hill climb until we made it higher.  There was also Porsche 912 engine in it, and I could never find the small fiberglass strip that covered the carb. 

Does anyone know where it is?  Some day I’d like to get it back.  I sold it when my son was very young, and now he is 29 and would like to go racing. (Nov, 2007)

 Dave Tosi <dave.tosi@habitatforsyth.org>


Photo shows Formcar:  chassis unknown  
As owned by Ross Fosbender, Ottawa, IL
Where is it now?

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Photo shows Formcar:  63-111
As owned by Ed Frankel, Pembroke, NH
Where is it now?

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Does anyone recognize this formcar from a South Carolina junkyard? (Jim Lehman - werase643@hotmail.com)

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