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April 1964 Foreign Car Guide Magazine

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This Formcar Information Archive submission courtesy of Dan Imming


The color photo below was the cover of the April 1964 issue of Foreign Car Guide Magazine.  It  illustrates the multi-page article by Frank W. Coggins covering the Nassau Speedweeks in December 1963.  It pictures the winners of the first Grand Prix of Volkswagens. Standing at the far right middle, wearing the blue jacket and orange helmet, is Charles Kolb.  Kolb won the Formula Vee class race and was overall winner of the Grand Prix.  His winning black Formcar is visible just in front of him. (Bill Beckner won second place in a Formcar, and third place was won by Chandler Lawrence, also in a Formcar).  Admiring the Formcar at the left middle, wearing the blue jacket and black helmet, is Dan Gurney.  Gurney won the Sedan class race (in the pictured 1956 sedan with more than 250,000 miles on it!) in a virtual runaway.


This black and white photo is another shot of Charles Kolb in his Formcar, receiving the well wishes of Dan Durney.  The two had just completed the Grand Prix of Volkswagens with Kolb the Formula Vee class and overall winner of the event.  The trophy is shown resting on the Formcar roll bar.




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