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Dear Renaud,
I live here in Watkins Glen and my name is Rick Hughey. It was my Formcar #77 that was entered in the US Vintage GP in Sept. We also took part in the downtown vintage festival...  I have had the car since the early 70's. It had gone thru a Flood in Elmira,NY in 72 and it was sold to a race worker/flag marshal who planned to rebuild it and race it. One day at the Seneca Lodge tavern he offered to sell it to me. I lived next door and went home and brought him back cash. A friend who was operating a race museum on the main st of Watkins Glen helped me clean it up and it was in the musuem thru the 80's. We decided to fully restore it in the early 90's and we take part in the SVRA events here at Watkins Glen every fall. Last month the Glen Region SCCA held its last chance of the season race and they alloted a separate race for FV as this is the 50th anniversary of the marque. I was contacted and asked to be the pacecar for that race. It was a nice honor to lead all these current chassis around the circuit. They took a nice group photo in parc ferme. I wasn't able to attend the big birthday party last spring in Georgia they held for FV. But, I was patient and got a neat chance to honor the Formcar right here at home! Tell me about your chassis, I see that Bill Noble once owned it. His Wife Lisa is the new head of the national SCCA. I worked in broadcasting and interviewed Mr Noble many years ago when he was here for a National event. What part of France to you live in. My bucket list in life includes a trip to France to drive at the AGS F1 program in the south of the country. If you have a photo of my Formcar from online could you send it to the registry as I am not very skilled in sending photos via email. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Rick Hughey Watkins Glen,NY 

Rick paces the field at the Watkins Glen Last Chance 50th FV Anniversary gathering - October 2013

And with the entire field


Additional pictures might still be available on this thread ..




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