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As purchased - 3/78 

I have owned the 1963 Formcar since 1978.

The history I found out was it began life as many did as a promotion

medium to a VW dealer.  The Cook VW of Aberdeen Maryland on the sides

is under the gel coat.  In talking to the current dealer principle, his late

father bought the car in '63 and had a mechanic from his dealership

drive the car.  Dieder Krebs was the mechanic.  He had immigrated

to the US after WWII .    


The car ended up in Western Pennsylvania in the late 1970's and in

a collectors garage.  A friend of mine bought the car at a party, and

brought it to an autocross the summer of 1977.  Although he was

good in sedans, he did not like the open wheels.


March of '78, I bought the green formcar and ran autocross (solo)

events setting a track record in Ohio, and several FTD's in solo.


SCCA racing was calling me and I parked the Formcar and bought

an Autodynamics MK2.


Long story short....lack of money, sold the Autodynamics, bought

a house, got married, kids....life.


Racing vintage since 2007, never enough races. 

I raced against one that recently sold to France, maybe yours ...

[ed. note- seems this car WAS raced against #63-72 currently owned by Renaud LECHALIER]


Chassis #116

Bill Kovick  


As raced .. 2007 Pittsburg Vintage Grand Prix




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