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Welcome to The Formula Vee Formcar Registry

This listing was originally compiled by Marion Hyler Craft
and is currently owned by Jim Yule and maintained by Stevan Davis and Renaud Lechalier .

Our Mission

The Formula Vee Formcar Registry is dedicated to the pursuit of preserving and cataloging the location and ownership of all remaining Formcar Formula Vee race cars in existence.

The Nardi and 65 Formula Vee Formcars were registered as of December 2007. The list has grown significantly in recent years.  If you own or race a formcar and are not listed here, please contact me about adding your car to the registry pages.

The Registry

The Archives includes articles about the history of the Formula Vee Formcar as well as features on drivers and restoration projects. We've organized the Registry by production year.  Go to the Registry to find the listings.


Contact Information

This Registry is in the process of restoring pictures and data.  If you can contribute to our files we'd appreciate hearing from you.  The archivists welcome your comments and suggestions, and they solicit your corrections to the information contained on this web site. Please contact The Webmaster.

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