Info from for sale ad when Fred Storer sold this car...

Serial number: DEN 63-37

Body number: 174

History: Purchased as a kit in 1963 from Burgess Enterprises of Englewood Colorado. (Burgess Formcars are identified by the prefix “DEN”. )

The car was raced in the 60's at Lake Ponca. De Moines. Green Valley. War Bonnet. etc.

The car set on a trailer sans body parts in a field for 25 plus years before I purchased it May 2006.

The chassis suffered greatly from exposure to the elements and could not be salvaged. However. the car was never modified and the chassis served as a pattern to create an accurate copy. The recreated chassis (original number plate installed) is faithful to the original with these exceptions:

The motor mount was reinforced to address problems discovered with Formcars that had a longer racing history.

A Z-bar was added (the car was raced without a “cable” or limit straps. ).

The dash support originally 1” square tubing was replaced with a front hoop which was integrated into the roll bar structure.

Aircraft hardware was used throughout.

The frame was jig built and 100% TIG welded. I am confident it is as straight and strong as any Formcar ever built.   (The original frame is available. )

Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Corp. Vehicle Log Book No. 468 was issued September 2007.

The restored car was raced 17 weekends at Texas World. Hallett. Roebling Road (45th and 50th anniversary races). Heartland Park. and Eagles Canyon.  


Engine – The Engine was purchased new from Noble. 2/8/07. Cost $7000. Rebuilt by Noble 9/08. 6/10. and 9/12. The only problem found in the rebuilds was the air correction jet fell out and damaged a piston (9/12). The rebuild schedule has been conservative. typical rebuild costs are $1500. There are two weekends on the current rebuild. the engine is strong.

Transaxle – Purchased from Bob Lybarger (short box). Cost $1300.

Front Beam – A new beam was prepared by Lybarger and later modified by Bill Griffith. Bigger Hammer Racing.  

Wheels and Tires – Two sets of Dunlop's (120/590-15 and 135/620-15) on chrome rims. one set is brand new. unused.

Clutch and Brakes Master Cylinder – Tilton 75 Series

Steering Wheel – MOMO Mod. 26 with Quick Release

Transponder – AMB Tran X 260

Alignment – The chassis setup was completely redone by Bigger Hammer Racing* in January 2011 including modifications to the front beam. This considerably improved the handling.

*Bigger Hammer cars finished 3rd and 4th of 44 cars at the 50th anniversary race Vintage FV race at Roebling Road.

Fuel Cell – Custom made by ATL to fit in an Aluminum box of the same size and location as the original Formcar steel tank.   (The original tank is available. )

Fire Extinguisher – “FireBottle” 5lb. pull system

Belts – OMP Hans Use (2017) & Hans Sport II

Seat – Custom made. adjustable with back brace (original Formcar seat is available). Seat and cockpit space will accommodate a full figured driver.

Battery – In original position

Exhaust – Stainless four into one

The car is 100% Monoposto Vintage Compliant.


Some handy special tools including a 3/8 inch Aluminum plate to adapt the VW wheels to a modern balancing machine.

Body parts: new tail section (full). used tail section (truncated). and a new nose.

Schupack's book first printing*. VW Factory Manual. other books. records and pictures.

*Signed by Schupack. “To Eddy the one who got me started on all this. 5/30/81. ”

Vintage FV Racing:

Undoubtedly. vintage FV racing is the lowest cost and most competitive road racing there is. The cars are not fussy. the tires last two years. the grids are populated with similar cars. and there is usually someone(s) to race with regardless of your skill level.  If you want to hide your abilities behind tire smoke and frequent breakdowns this is not where you want to race.

I finished the Roebling Road race 29th of 44 ahead of 4 Zink's. 5 Lynx's. and 6 others. There were only two DNF's in the entire field.