Info from Gary Wheeler -

My name is Gary Wheeler. I originally restored this car in 1989 In West Linn, Oregon.
It was found under a porch of a house in Dufur Oregon.
This car was originally sold to Evel Kneivel in Butte Montana sometime around 1963.
I raced it in the Pacific Northwest
In both ICSCC and SCCA Vintage.
At one point someone had installed a Porsche 4 cam engine and used it for hill climbs before I got it.
Never wrecked, it had nearly all its original bodywork.

I found a guy in Denver that had all the original body.molds and that's where I was able to get the missing parts. He had several Formcars. Don't remember his name either.

On Fri, Jun 24, 2022, 7:45 AM Gary Wheeler <> wrote:
I have spoken to Gert via text so he knows I restored the car.
There was a package of info that went with the car when I sold it to a guy in Seattle. I don't know where that went and I don't remember his name. I had obtained alot of info about Den -25 from a man in Denver that had all the early records of cars produced and sold out of Denver hence the DEN in the chassis number. He told me that Kneivel bought 2 kit cars. This one and one for his dad. In 1963.
I don't know if they actually raced them or not.
The car somehow wound up in Spokane at the VW dealer there.
That's when the Porsche engine was installed and no the engine was not with the car. ( sadly)


Gary in the car at Portland Intl Raceway in 1992.  SCCA Vintage Races.


Not sure if this is ealier or later than the shot above - could even be the same place and weekend.