The information shown below is directly from Dr. Vance Reed of Summit, MO, USA. Dr. Reed passed away in 2017. His meticulously
prepared, beautiful formcar was purchased from his estate by Pascal Defaye of Normandie France in February 2019 and is now on its way there. 
Pascal plans to fulfill Dr. Reed's goal of actually putting the car on the race track against other formcars in Europe.

Formcar Mk I 63-71 - Presented it at the Art of the Car Concours de Elegance Sunday, June 28, 2015 in Kansas City, MO.

(This car is now (2017) considered to be the 12th oldest formcar in the world.)
See Concours introductory note at bottom of page....

Lisa Noble and Fred Clark were both more than helpful in assisting me in researching the history of this car.  It still carries No. 15, which is the number it's owner, Don Kearney, raced it under as a member of the Dixie Region of the SCCA, from 1963 on.  I also have to give credit to Fred Storer who was a wealth of information, giving me full access to his beautiful car to measure and prowl over and around.

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Some early pix from during the restoration...

The car is currently in TRANSIT to France (4/2019). Load photos below...

Spare parts & bodywork packed for shipping..

And then packed carefully inside the car for transport

Loading for transport to the port of demarcation.

Ready to go...