Formcar Mk1 63-36

8/7/23 - Not running - restoration project. Engine is free.  Has been stored in a garage for 50+ years. Best offer.

'This ad seen on Formula Vee Buy/Sell World Wide' on Facebook.  The seller was in the NYC area, but the ad was deleted before contact could be made.

Previously owned and raced by David Bouchat in SCCA event at Watkins Glen, NY in the 70's (or so). The engine had a minor issue, but the driver did not know how to fix it.  Although the pictures seem to indicate damage, there is none known - just fasteners need to be installed.

*New owner found - currently owned by Dennis Tretter, Bethlehem, PA as of 9/11/2023

Dennis plans to restore any issues with the chassis, but try to keep the 'patina' of the original bodywork as much as possible. His plans include racing with VSCCA and other organization when feasible. He also owns a1965 Beach Mk5B.







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