Formcar - 1963 Mk1 - Previously owned by Charlie Wilson (USA), now owned by Yann Tison (2018).  The kit was originally purchased back in the 60's but never assembled.  It was purchased by Charlie in 2000, still in kit form, and assembled over subsequent years.  As car was assembled, Charlie had to 'manufacture' some parts - shift linkage, front roll bar braces, rear trailing arms, pedal assy, clutch cable actuation assy, oil pump/filter shifter assy and linkage, mirror mounts, body dzus, belly pan, dash, electrics, ignition/generator systems, exhaust system using other cars as a guide.  11.5 inch leather covered steering wheel with hub quick release. New custom fuel cell (2005), belts mfg. 2014, car tested at Sebring early 2006, first full race weekend at PBIR in Nov 2006. Logbook VDCA.Tracks raced PBIR, Roebling Road, Road Atlanta, Sebring including 50th Anniversary of Formula Vee at Roebling Road.

The car arrives in France...

Previous pix when in the USA....








A video of the engine cranking and running...