Formcar 365-224. This car is currently located in Australia and owned by Les Puklowski. It was missidentified for many years as 365-324 (see pics of ID Plate below), but is now taking it's rightful place in Formcar history. 

This car is currently for sale.  If you have an interested, please contact Davd Cutts at his email address below.

From David Cutts, Australia --

This Formcar 365-224, formerly owned by Greg McCombie, was imported to Australia from Porsche, Germany by Bernie Haehnle around 1967. Bernie went back home for a visit and spent time at the Porsche factory. Somehow he was out the back and noticed a big box in the corner and enquired about it. It was the 65 Formcar which Iím led to believe was part of a few Formcars and Beaches that Porsche imported for use but never got used. Although Bernie was originally looking for a rally car, the company talked him into the Formcar. It was still sitting in itís crate on the dock in Hamburg, Porsche seem to be not wanting it. They offered to send it straight from Hamburg to Sydney and pay any duties on Bernieís behalf. I donít know whether that means it wasnít part of the initial batch that went over, it may have been ordered later as a spare for the fleet they had and a change of plans meant it wasnít needed. Bernie told me he normally goes back to Germany during our winter for a visit so this MAY have been around June -August 1967.  Bernie first raced Bathurst 1968, and raced it here for 2 or 3 more years. It hasnít raced since about 1973 and has had a few owners since but no one has rebuilt it or raced it yet.


 The first photo below is of the ID Plate,... I traced in the numbers to make it easier to make out. It hasnít raced since about 1974 but a few people have had intentions of doing something with it. Currently still owned by Les although Les is keen on selling it. Les doesnít have an email, Iíll attempt to get his phone number of my mate tonight to update the records also. Log book photos are from around 1974 when the nose was changed.

Some question as to whether this is 365-324 .. or 365-224.  Needs a better 'in person' inspection of the ID Plate....

Sure enough.  A CLOSE inspection with the 'marker' cleaned off clearly shows the downward curve of the first digit to match the curve of the '2'
following it.  This ID Plate shows 365-224 instead of 365-324.  That number aligns with other known cars from the Porsche mass purchase from
Formcar to be imported into Germany for racing by Porsche chosen drivers.  All cars of the batch were not assembled and the kits were
eventually sold to various purchasers like Bernie as outlined at the top of this page.

Apparently, most (if not ALL) of the early owners accepted this car as 365-324, not realizing that the number was not 'in line' with
other numbers from that group of cars imported by Porsche.


Greg McCombie's application for a new Australian Log book for this car which he purchased from the widow of Gary Power who died while serving his country in Vietnam. The car is listed as a 'G.P. Formcar' since Greg was the previous owner - having purchased the car from Bernie Haehnle.

This last pic is from Warwick Farm around 1970/71 the way it originally appeared in Australia


Pictures below are from the current owner.

This is a closeup of the Formcar Badge in the front center of the nose above.