Currently owned by Bill Simer.

One of the Vasek Polak stockpile cars - 65-220, 225, 229, 233 and 234

From Bill:  365-220 One of 9 unassembled Formcar kits that were part of Vasek Polak’s collection. 6 of these kits were purchased by Kevin Jeannette of Gunnar Racing in 1987 and assembled to run in the Vintage Formula Vee Celebrity Challenge in the 1989 Bahama Speed Weeks Revival. Two friends and I purchased the 3 remaining to race them in a vintage race series. I completed my Formcar in 2000 and have raced it in SOVREN vintage race events, then Brian Westmoreland completed his (365-225) and joined the growing Formula Vee vintage racing revival. The third chassis (365-233) was in Portland OR and completed just a couple of years ago. The opportunity to “open the box” on a new/old vintage race car was just too good to resist and the cars have been more fun to race than we ever imagined. True to the unofficial Formula Vee motto “you can spend more money racing something more sophisticated, but you can’t have more fun!”


SOVREN article (Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts) that mentions this car and another FV.