Currently owned by Andre Sekidi (France).  Bought from Timo Heikkero in 2011. Also previously owned by Antti Manninen.

Restoration of this car has just been completed.  This was the FIRST Formcar in Finland and most of the history of formcar in Finland is available in a book at (it is written in Finnish).  The owner of this first Formcar was Antii Wihuri (VW import company and Racing team AAW owner) who introduced Formula Vee in Finland in 1965 !

Much of the history has been translated to english and is available here on this site at
(each of these is approximately 4 MBytes.. and will take a little while to download)

Car has been driven by :
- 12.6.1966 Nikolai Kopiloff, Keimola track (opening race)
- 19.6.1966 Nikolai Kopiloff, Keimola track
- 24.6.1966 Martti Heiskanen, Ounasvaara race
- 4.9.1966 Nikolai Kopiloff, Pyynikki race
- 4.5.1967 Lasse Sirviö, Keimola track
- 21.5.1967 Lasse Sirviö, Väinölänniemi race

After the car was a practice car in Keimola track (as rental use),
then most time in Espoo car museum. After 47 years it returned to tracks !



As it was in 2011


As it was 'in the day' 

The person in the seat is Ensio Mikander, a Finnish VW rally driver in the mid 60's.